Thursday, December 6, 2012

Make Your Own Holiday Coffee Blend
Holiday Spice Coffee Blend

I've written before about the holiday craft party that brings together women in my community for fun, creativity and a great start to the holiday season.  

I'm in the middle of a big project for my day job, so I will post pictures of all the offerings from this year next week once I get my grants turned in.  (I'm a grant writer in my regular life.)

To tide you over, though, and get you thinking about gifts you can make this year, I have a post on The Balanced Platter today that features a recipe for a holiday spice coffee blend that might friend Karen brought.  I'll have more ideas for you to check out next week.

Happy Cooking!

The Welcoming Kitchen cookbook makes a terrific holiday gift (and the price is great right now)!

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  1. Your cookbook is FABULOUS. I bought it for my family, and I bought it to gift to other people at Christmas.

    My only wish is that the recipes were also corn-free. :/ I'm allergic to corn, as are some of my family members, and corn is a top food allergy. (I'm also allergic to wheat, soy, peanuts and am vegetarian, so I can make the majority of the recipes--and LOVE them!!).

    You should write a second cookbook and make it free of corn, soy, wheat, nuts, dairy, and meat!! Clearly, with your first cookbook, you can do anything and do it spectacularly!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words :). I really struggled with trying to decide what to leave out of the recipes and what to include. Please email me if you have specific recipes that you'd like to adapt. We can figure out corn-free options for most recipes!