Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pasta with Spinach and Herb-Roasted Tomatoes

Not only is switching to a special diet overwhelming in the beginning, it can cause some serious sticker shock.  If you've been used to buying traditional packaged or prepared foods, trying to replicate that with specialty goods can be quite costly.

What can you do?

First, you can start cooking from whole food ingredients.  Making your own treats and snacks can be less expensive and more wholesome than buying ready-made options.

Another thing you can do (depending on your restriction) is to search out ethnic markets.  To read more about it and check out a recipe for an easy pasta recipe, check out my post today on The Balanced Platter today.

Happy Cooking!

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  1. I shop for a lot of produce at my local ethnic market since they have incredible prices on beautiful produce (especially citrus fruit!). However, I've been tentative to buy anything else there because I can't read the labels. They are all in Asian languages and I speak only English! I'm probably missing some gems on the shelves but I am just too afraid of being accidentally gluten'd. I'll stick with the produce, though, and be very thankful they have such a great selection!

  2. I agree, Rochelle, that it's much more important to be safe than to save a few dollars. I was lucky that I recently found a grocery store in a diverse neighborhood that caters to many different ethnicities, so most of the packages were well-labeled in English. My strategy is also, when in doubt, don't take a chance.

  3. Kim, I love roasted tomatoes in any dish! This sounds like a good combination. I'll try it with Tinkayada brown rice spaghetti-style pasta.

  4. Wonderful recipe and post on the pasta. I sat down at the computer trying to come up with something new for dinner. Thanks!

    I too seek out the ethnic stores in my town since often the produce is very smartly priced since the turn over is great. I've also found that some items that cost a fortune in the grocery store are cheaper here too, such as kalamata olives, etc.

    Perfect timing on the post!! I appreciate it...of to buy some spinach now..