Monday, October 17, 2011

  • Maybe you've noticed the super-cute XGFX badge on our site and wondered what it's all about.  
  • Maybe you've heard of Vegan Mofo and wondered what that's all about.  
  • Maybe you've been wondering about a recipe for a sophisticated chocolate cake just right for a dinner party.

If so ... today's your day for answers! is a home for all things gluten-free and vegan.  So, it's a great second home for us!  We're proud to be part of the gluten-free vegan community that's coming together over at  If you are looking for resources that make life a little sweeter living with a restricted diet, check out their info-packed site.

Vegan Mofo is a month-long blogging event where different bloggers commit to writing about vegan topics for at least 20 days out of the month of October.  Lots of bloggers agree to this massive task and bring out jillions of great vegan tips, recipes and ideas.  My month of October has been swamped with the Chicago Parent article, creating a game-day menu for the VegNews website (more about that later), getting ready for my TV appearance on WGN (Oct. 20) plus all the daily stuff of life.  There was no way I could make such a big commitment right now.  Lucky for me, I can still participate in Vegan Mofo through the xgfx site.

Today, the blog post for Vegan Mofo is a Welcoming Kitchen post.  For this assignment, I baked up a beautiful chocolate cake inspired by the lovely food site, smitten kitchen. Although the original recipe is decidedly not Welcoming Kitchen-friendly (gluten, dairy, egg), it got my mind going on how to make one that could work for everyone.

The Welcoming Kitchen end result was even better than I imagined.  To see the recipe, check out my guest post. 

We shared this recipe as part of the Fork and Beans Valentine's Day Bake-Off.

Enjoy a month of good eating!

Happy Cooking!

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