Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gluten-free, Vegan Cookies with Chia

I've been reading about the wonders of chia seeds for a little while -- high in Omega-3s, fiber and protein.  But, I was hesitant. Really ... I'm gonna use the same kind of seeds that come with a Chia Pet in my cooking???

The folks at Nuchia sent me a sample of chia seeds to try.  Even then, I was still a little reluctant.  Some of the blog posts I've read from other vegan or gluten-free cooks reported that chia can have a strange gel-like consistency that might not work well for all foods.

I decided for my first trial to take it easy.  I used chia seeds soaked in water as an egg substitute.  (I used 1 tablespoon chia seeds soaked in 3 tablespoons water for 15 minutes.)  To ensure that it was a good test, I made one of our family's favorite cookies, the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I created for our upcoming Welcoming Kitchen book (due out next spring, yeah!!).  I knew that it was tried and true, so if the chia seeds worked we would know right away, and if the cookies were no good, we'd know what to blame.

The verdict is in for trial one. Chia seeds worked great as an egg substitute in cookies!  More trials to come...

Next time, I'll provide a recipe!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We're always on the lookout for good deals!

  2. Any chance on posting the recipe to these cookies? They look great! Thanks! :o)

  3. Thanks! I am at a conference right now, but the recipe is in the Welcoming Kitchen book. Or you could experiment with the chia gel in place of the applesauce and baking powder in the pumpkin chocolate chip cookie from the blog. Good luck!

  4. This makes you feel full and doesn't let you eat unwanted food that can make you obese. Later these seeds slowly release the fluid back into your system during digestion. People are highly using this as a weight-loss meal these days.