Sunday, December 20, 2009

There was holiday music.

There were children busy exploring their winter-y creativity.

There were lots of colors.

But, we weren't decorating cookies. Nope. We were making little Shrinky Dink ornaments. (Remember Shrinky Dinks from your childhood?)

Obviously, in our Welcoming Kitchen we're all about food. But, sometimes a great way to include everyone in an activity is just to move away from food. Our kids had a blast, and they were busy for well over an hour (giving me more time to clean up and get some holiday stuff done).

Tomorrow, maybe we'll make custom gift wrap out of recycled paper!

Happy Cooking!

Kim and Megan



  1. Cute idea. I LOVE Shrinky Dinks!

  2. Just watching the ornaments shrink in the oven is riviting enough, but to see the actual finished product that was produced by those creative hands was the best.
    Love, Nana

  3. I saw that you guys visited my blog! I am gald that you did because it looks like you guys have just what I needed on your blog! Healthy recipes! I am excited to look at and try some of them!

  4. It is a FUN idea...thanks! Thanks for coming by and commenting! Love to hear more from our readers!