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Easiest Way to Turn Pie Pumpkin into Pumpkin Puree - Kim's Welcoming Kitchen

If you read this blog at all, you know that I LOVE pumpkin.  Just can't get enough of it.  Sometimes I use canned pumpkin puree.  It's easy, and it's readily available.  I can keep a few cans in my pantry for whenever I need a fix of muffins, cookies, pudding or pie.

Sometimes, though, I'd rather go straight to the source.  I have tried cooking pie pumpkins many different ways.  A lot of folks suggest cooking it halved on an oiled baking pan.  I find this lends a roasted flavor that might work for some applications (like soup), but not for others (like pie).
Pumpkin Pie Puree (vegan, gluten-free, food-allergy friendly) - www.welcomingkitchen.com

The pumpkin pulls away from the shell

Although I frequently bake winter squash whole, I never thought about doing that with a small pie pumpkin.  It worked perfectly!  Nothing could be easier, too.  The flesh pulls away from the shell once it's cooked, so it is simple to scrape out, and it's buttery soft so it's easy to mash. 

Don't limit yourself to just pumpkins, though. You can use the soft flesh of other hard winter squashes in your favorite pumpkin recipes, too. Try butternut, acorn or kabocha if that's what's at your store. Have fun!

Pumpkin Pie Puree (vegan, gluten-free, food-allergy friendly) - www.welcomingkitchen.com

Fresh Pumpkin Puree
Makes approximately 2 cups of puree depending on the size of the pumpkin

1 pie pumpkin

Preheat oven to 400.
Wash the outside of the pumpkin.
Pierce the pumpkin with a sharp knife in several places.
Bake for approximately one hour.  (Smaller ones might need only 45 minutes to be done.)
Once it cools enough to handle, cut the pumpkin in half.
Scoop out and discard the seeds.
Scoop the flesh into a bowl.
Mash with a potato masher. 

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Wow. Great idea. That's quite an easy way to get done. Loved it and thanks lot for sharing. :-)

  2. I am going to do this right now with a butternut squash. - Julie

  3. That looks super easy. I'm going to give it a try!

  4. Excellent way to do it! Looking forward to trying it. Though I don't really mind the roasted flavor in a pie, this is just easier.

  5. Very cool!
    Thanks for the great instructions. :)