Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Have you ever had a friend who makes you want to be a better version of yourself?

I have a friend like that. My friend Stacy Snyder, the no-BS mama behind the awesome parenting blog, Parent Unplugged, makes me want to be a braver version of myself. When I see her face life head-on, she makes me want to try new things, too. 

On my road to living life more bravely, I participated in a live storytelling event at Martyrs' in Chicago. This is an incredible music club (and I have been to a whole lot of music venues). They book awesome acts, have a great stage and a really cool vibe. 

Kate Hill, one of the owners of Martyrs' is a creative and community-building force. She and a partner, Dee, have put together a new live storytelling monthly event called Louder Than A Mom. They asked me to tell a story, and I took a deep breath, and worked on one that fit the theme of summer camp or summer vacation.

I thought I'd take a break from food and share it with you. 

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Gosh, I love this post! For a few reasons...
    First, I love that you took that brave leap and got up on stage. That is so challenging! You were wonderful.
    Second, it reminded me of the Dale Carnegie classes I took (and later assisted instructing) many, many years ago - before having kiddos. Seeing you perform brought that back to me. It was also challenging, but so rewarding!
    Third, I LOVE your story. So funny (as in, funny now and surely not at all funny then!) and dang accurate, mama! Vacations, weekends, holidays... huh? They don't mean the same thing when you're a parent. Just awesome, thanks for sharing that piece of your life with us, Kim. xx

    1. Thanks, Dreena! It was scary/fun, but I'm glad I did it! xo

  2. Kim, that was fabulous! You're a natural. And it had the perfect ending.

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  5. Kim, that was fabulous! You're a natural. And it had the perfect ending.

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