Monday, September 24, 2012

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Parfait - Kim's Welcoming Kitchen

Certain flavors gleefully shout out, "Fall is here!"

Pumpkin and cinnamon definitely top that list for me.  I am not satisfied limiting this taste combination to Thanksgiving pumpkin pie (from Welcoming Kitchen, of course).  This autumn, we will indulge in Autumn Pumpkin Muffins from the Welcoming Kitchen cookbook and slather No-Cook Pumpkin Butter on all sorts of goodies.  We also will enjoy Pumpkin Pear Crisp and Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, but I needed one more way to bring these flavors into my breakfast routine.

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Parfaits were quick to put together and eaten up even more swiftly this morning.  My family felt they got to have a treat to start their day, but I knew that it was full of goodness -- non-dairy yogurt, applesauce for sweetness, pumpkin and hemp hearts.


I shared this recipe with Allergy-Free Wednesdays.

Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Parfaits
Makes 3-4 parfaits (depending on glass size)

2 cups vanilla non-dairy yogurt (So Delicious Plain Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt is a nice soy-free option)
1/2 cup cooked pumpkin (canned is fine, but not pumpkin pie filling)
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon allspice
1/2 cup hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds)

In a blender, combine all ingredients, but hemp hearts.
In a dry skillet, lightly toast hemp hearts over medium flame until fragrant, about a minute or two.
In glasses, layer yogurt and hemp hearts, starting and ending with yogurt.

Happy Cooking!

My new book, Super Seeds, is available now! You can also find tasty recipes in Welcoming Kitchen: 200 Delicious Allergen- & Gluten-Free Vegan Recipes.

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  1. Delicious, ladies! This makes me want Fall weather!!!

  2. Thanks, Heather! I love all things autumn!

  3. Do you have a favorite brand of coconut yogurts?

  4. I like So Delicious, and recently we've bought the coconut yogurt at Trader Joe's, too.

  5. Kim and Megan, coconut yogurt is a new one on me! I'll look for it tomorrow.