Monday, August 27, 2012

kids triathlon
Chicago Kids Triathlon Start

I grew up with asthma.  Although, I'm pretty much completely symptom free, it played a significant role in my childhood. 

My parents never made too big a deal about it though.  Of course, we went to the doctor, and I took medicine, and all that, but they never made it a reason not to do something.  I don't think they ever said, "You can't do that.  You have asthma."  I played soccer in high school and took up running in college.

Now, I have a child with asthma, too.  I have chosen to follow my parents' lead and not pre-emptively limit what Casey can do.

Good thing!  This weekend, my amazing 9-year-old son completed the Chicago Kids' Triathlon.  (I'm still a little teary with pride as I type this!)  After swimming on swim team all fall and winter, he and a couple of buddies joined a triathlon training club.  They trained at the beach once a week all summer.  

Not only has all of this hard work made him so much stronger, it has reinforced his confidence in his own health.  He is looking forward to new challenges.  I know that he will meet them with his fierce spirit, strong body and a belief in himself.

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