Thursday, May 17, 2012

A gaggle of boys.

A sports-themed birthday party.

What could be better for my sons?

You wouldn't thing anything could top this already AWESOME combo.  

But there was something.  My humongous-hearted friend, Liz, added fun and compassion to this festive mix by introducing a Make-Your-Own Custom Cupcake activity.

Decorate Your Own Gluten-free Cupcake
What a custom cupcake!

With two food-allergic kids and one non-allergic vegan kid in the group, Liz baked up some safe cupcakes (chocolate and vanilla, since one buddy doesn't like chocolate) and provided a buffet of safe toppings.  She had small zip-top bags filled with individual portions of chocolate or vanilla frosting that we snipped off the corners so they could frost without mess.  She had allergy-friendly chocolate chips and sprinkles.  She had cut-up fruit and berries and vegan marshmallows (no one had a soy allergy).  

Decorate Your Own Gluten-free Cupcake
Another creative cupcake!

Each boy gleefully decorated -- and then gobbled -- his own cupcake creation.

Everybody felt both included and unique.  

It was truly one of the best birthday parties EVER!

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