Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One of the amazing people I met at the Gluten and Allergen-free Expo in Chicago this past weekend was Gigi from Gluten-free Gigi.

Gigi runs an information-packed website that I think would be helpful to anyone negotiating a gluten-free lifestyle.  She comes at recipe creation and nutrition from a science background, so you really learn a lot when you listen to her.

And you can hear what she has to say tomorrow!  Gigi is offering Welcoming Kitchen readers a discount on one of her very popular webinars.  Tomorrow's topic is about negotiating multiple food allergies.  The price for her often sold-out webinars is usually $29.95, but if you click on this link, you can get in on the action for $14.95! 

Here's what Gluten-free Gigi says she will cover in this session:

1. You’ll learn to create a Master Grocery List that takes ALL food allergies in your household into account.
2. You will discover REAL ways to save money at the checkout while boosting nutrition in your family’s meals!

3. I show you simple ways to combine incomplete proteins to get complete meatless proteins on your table fast!

4. We’ll discuss macronutrients (Protein, Fat, Carbs) and how to get the BEST ones on your table at every meal and snack!

5. You’ll become a PRO at disguising nutrients in everyday dishes your family loves... and no one will ever know!

6. I give you tips on how to put boredom at mealtime behind you with exciting, balanced, delish meals every single day!

7. I’ll show you exactly how to develop a plan to cook once and fashion multiple meals from your efforts, complete with specific ideas on meals and even a few simple recipes!

8. I share my extensive trial and error on substitutes for common allergens like dairy, eggs, and corn in your gluten free allergen free cooking and baking... this is a mini-webinar in itself!!

9. You’ll see what happens to 1 muffin recipe when I use 5 different egg replacements... fascinating results you can use for successful results in your egg free baking!

10. I’m also dishing up tips, tricks, and experience on keeping an allergen free kitchen, the TRUTH about dining out with multiple food allergies, and giving you the BEST of meals on the go for kids and adults!

I'm excited to be able to pass this great deal along to you!  Check out Gigi's site for more info!

Happy Cooking!



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