Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Holiday Kitchen Gadget Alert!  

Friends are always asking me how to get children to eat more fruits and vegetables (mostly vegetables!) - and I have a great new gadget that I have proof helps them to eat more.   My son and his friends received these new "wavy choppers" as a holiday gift from another mom and they are the perfect size for little hands and safe for them to use (with supervision)...

So needless to say...we are having a lot of "wavy cut" items in our house son is obsessed with helping in the kitchen and this gives him a really fun way to jump in and help...and eat :)

Here is the evidence!  Please ignore my messy countertops - it was the holidays and I have only about 2.5 feet of countertops so they get filled up quickly!

Winter fruit salad - delicious!

Happy Cooking!
Megan & Kim


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