Monday, December 20, 2010

So, it's the last minute and you're thinking you're done with your shopping.  Then .... all of a sudden you realize that there are folks all around who you'd love to give a little something to.

This year, I am prepared for just such situations.  My friend Julie and I whipped up a double batch of marmalade.  We had enough to make 17 half-pints that we canned and plenty left for both of us to use as jam and as filling for cookies and treats.

We used Ina Garten's easy marmalade recipe from Food Network's site.  Not only is it delicious, but it's really gorgeous. 

If your gift-giving taste runs to the sweet, rather than the slightly tart, you can give cut-out cookies or yummy peppermint chocolates in a festive tin or bag.

Giving the gift of welcoming treats is a great way to share the holiday spirit!

Happy Cooking and Happy Holidays!
Kim and Megan

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  1. Kim and Megan, Who wouldn't be happy to receive a delicious gift of homemade marmalade! I've only made jams and grape jelly; must add marmalade to my repertoire.

  2. Jean, I'm so excited about the marmalade that I can't wait to try another jam/spread! Happy New Year!