Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kim and I were honored today to meet with a fabulous group of parents today on the north side of Chicago. Julie was gracious enough to let us into her very "welcoming kitchen" for a great morning of cooking, eating, and sharing. We spent time talking about the basics of gluten and casein-free cooking and baking.

Kim had her run as the Julia Child's of GF CF baking and demonstrated how to make a coconut pineapple rice pudding, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (recipe available right here on this blog!), and topped it off with our old-fashioned biscuits whose recipe is featured in our latest book: The Everything Guide to Cooking for Children with Autism.

It was a great morning of new friends and was our first official welcoming kitchen food domonstration so thank you to everyone for your encouragment and support on our new adventure!

Happy Cooking! And today it was ;)

Kim & Megan
PS...Kim is in the kitchen working on a roll out sugar cookie that is welcoming kitchen friendly right now!

Recipe to be published here in the next week...


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